What’s the dirtiest place in your home? The toilet? The trash can? Well, these are pretty obvious answers, and those spots definitely aren’t the cleanest spots in the world. But you’ll be surprised to know some other unexpected places in your home are, in fact, way more germy than that! Some of these are enough to make you go “eeewwww”!

Have you ever noticed, for example, that your kitchen sponge stinks? Since it’s always wet and moist, it’s a playground for bacteria, including E.coli, and the smell is a direct indicator of that. And what about your mattress? Did you know that it is home to dead skin cells, dust mites, sweat, and probably stains from whatever you spilled on it? Seriously, that’s gross.!

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Coffee maker reservoir 0:35
The fridge handle 1:02
Countertop 1:21
Cutting boards 1:49
Sponges 2:05
The sink area 2:29
Garbage disposal 3:14
Can opener 3:39
Stair railing 4:02
Remote control 4:44
Mattress 5:08
Toothbrush holder 5:29
Shower curtain 5:56
Faucet 6:19
Bathroom walls 6:37
Computer keyboard 6:55
Light switches 7:22
Pet toys 7:40
Pet bowls 8:10
Floors and rugs by the exterior doors 8:26

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– Germs survive up to two days on fridge handles, so wipe them away with a microfiber cloth and dishwasher soap regularly to prevent them from getting into your food.
– Remember you prepare your food on your countertop, so non-food doesn’t belong here. Also, disinfect it before and after cooking.
– The food you eat comes in direct contact with the cutting board you chop it on, so you’d better keep it as clean as possible to avoid catching any food-born illness.
– Your sink is actually dirtier than your toilet! It has more bacteria in it because left over food particles become an excellent place for bacteria to grow.
– One obvious proof that your garbage disposal is home to bacteria, is the odor coming from it.
– Your family members and guests come into direct contact with the stair railing, so it’s logical that the surface is often full of microbes and viruses.
– Every once in a while, you watch TV while eating, don’t ya, so you touch the remote with messy hands.
– Is your toothbrush holder in the same room as your toilet? Well of course. In that case, there’s a good chance every time you flush, some particles coming from the toilet bowl spray onto the toothbrush and its holder.
– If you keep the toilet lid open when you flush, the germs from the bowl take off and spread on the surrounding walls.
– Whenever you’re typing something on your computer, you often get so involved in the process, you don’t notice when you touch food, then your own face, and then the keyboard again.
– Another spot in the house very few people ever clean is the light switches.
– Washing your dog or cat’s bowls with just water won’t do the cleaning job well enough.

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