What food is native to the South American Andes, was once believed to be poisonous, and still, to this day gets mistaken as a vegetable when it’s really a fruit? Ok, assuming you read the title of this video before you clicked on it, you know that it’s tomatoes! Wanna get glowing skin? If you’re looking for more vitamin C to boost collagen levels, you’ll get 30% of your daily value in 1 tomato alone! Are you trying to lose weight? Tomatoes give you energy and good stuff to fuel your body without taking in extra calories that’ll turn into fat!

Experts say that just 1 serving of tomatoes a day will allow you to reap all the benefits. When it comes to this single serving, you’ve got plenty of options! It can be 1 big regular tomato, 7 oz of chopped canned ones, 6 cherry tomatoes, 4 sun-dried tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of its puree, or a glass of tomato juice.

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You’ll get loads of antioxidants 0:34
You’ll have better eyesight 1:05
Get ready for glowing skin 1:50
You’ll have thicker hair 2:35
Fewer sick days 3:00
You’ll feel happy and energized 3:30
You’ll lose weight 4:00
Your bones will be strong 4:36
You’ll have a healthy heart 4:54
Your brain will be sharper 5:28
? Health risks ? 5:55

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– Antioxidants lower cholesterol, strengthen your immune system, prevent your arteries from hardening, and improve overall heart health!
– Let’s say your body is running low on vitamin A. Your eyes aren’t happy about that because it’s difficult for them to detect light and send visual information to your brain. Luckily, tomatoes are packed with this vitamin.
– Experiments have shown that daily consumption of the fruit itself or tomato paste can mean fewer sunburns, acne, and other blemishes.
– Along with all those skin-enhancing nutrients, you’ll also be getting a daily dose of vitamin K. It’s said to do wonders for the health of your hair.
– You might know that it’s good to take in more vitamin C when you’re sick. But if you get enough of it daily, you’ll find yourself getting the cold or flu less often in the first place.
– Tomatoes contain folic acid, which is a B vitamin that fights fatigue.
– Even if you’re not looking to lower the number on the scale, if your diet includes enough tomato products, you’ll at least maintain a healthy weight.
– Tomatoes contain enough antioxidants and calcium to make your bones healthier and stronger.
– It’s a proven fact that those who follow a Mediterranean diet have a much lower risk of getting heart disease.
– Tomatoes contain nutrients that boost brainpower.
– Too many tomatoes can also cause a build-up of kidney stones. As you see, overloading your body with calcium is a no-go.
– Tomatoes are rich in different kinds of acids. If you indulge in them a bit too much, they can make your stomach too acidic.
– So before you go out and start eating a tomato a day, get the green light from a medical professional.

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