Diver Hangs Out with Humpback Whales | Staring Contest

This diver encounters two humpback whales and are able to swim right up to them and snap a couple pictures

Surprises from the JukinVideo Vault

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Star Wars Jedi Cat Scuffle | The Force Awakens

With the new Star Wars movie coming out today, we wanted to release some deleted scenes; unfortunately, these cats fighting

Boat Parking Catastrophe | Double Fail

While trying to park a boat, this woman creates all kinds of chaos by speeding up when everyone was telling

Best Videos of the Week 3 December 2015 || JukinVideo

This week, the best viral videos include a hilarious seal, extremely strange workout routines, and many great fails! Happy Holiday

Football Fan Jumps into Sewer for Ticket | Worth It

While in line to get into the Green Bay Packers game, this guy jokingly pretended to drop his ticket down

Dog Makes Scariest Face Ever | Man’s Best Friend

Man’s best friend is not always a pretty one. This dog has a weird way of showing love and makes

Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2015 || JukinVideo (Part 4)

This is it! The finale of the Top 100 Videos of the Year! We had incredible videos this year. From

Cockroach Phone Magic Trick | Scare Prank

While at a cafe, this waiter showed off a magic trick with a phone where it looks like a cockroach

Instant Karma Finds Impatient Driver | No Passing

I guess this truck was moving too slowly for this impatient driver, but when they tried to get around it